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Holiday Traditions Video

The Early Order Discount is available through January 10, 2020

New! I am pleased to announce the availability of an HD video product. You may now order a copy of the show in high definition video format, delivered on a USB flash drive. The video is in MP4 format, and is designed to be compatible with all playback devices that support that format. If your television has a USB port, you may very well be able to play the video directly from the drive. The show can also be played on any desktop or laptop computer.

Order and pay in a single step. The show discount for the December 2019 performance will be available through January 10, 2019. Use the buttons below to conveniently place and pay for your order now.

Ordering the DVD or USB for a single performance? Use one of the Single Show options below. Need to order two or more of any combination of DVD or USB drives? Use the Multiple Shows options to fill your shopping cart and pay when ready.


At each show I offer a discount for multiple items.

The price for a single DVD (containing one show) is $25 (Texas state sales tax is included). One USB drive, containing one show, is available for $40.

When ordering two or more items, in any combination, the DVDs are discounted to $21 each, and the USB drives are discounted to $36.


Your products will be delivered through the Grace Ballet Conservatory studio office. Sign up for my newsletter to receive announcements and stay informed! Anticipated delivery date is January 11, 2020.

Need to make a change to your order? No worries! Contact me and we will get you set up. (Contact information is in every newsletter, or you can go through my website.)

2019 GBC DVD Holiday Traditions2019 GBC DVD Holiday Traditions

DVD: Holiday Traditions (2019) - Single

2019 GBC DVD Holiday Traditions2019 GBC DVD Holiday Traditions

DVD: Holiday Traditions (2019) - Multiple

Your Virtual proofYour Virtual proof

USB Drive: Holiday Traditions (2019) - Single

Your Virtual proofYour Virtual proof

USB Drive: Holiday Traditions (2019) - Multiple


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The discount pricing available at show time is based on delivery of all products to the studio, where you can pick them up at your convenience. I announce their availability in a newsletter, so be sure you've signed up!

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Previous Shows

Select a performance, add to your cart, and adjust quantities in the shopping cart. Pay safely and securely with a credit card through PayPal.

All DVDs from past shows are priced at $35 each (unless stated otherwise). All state sales tax, shipping, and handling charges are included. Orders are shipped within 3 business days via the US Post Office.

2018 GBC DVD Visions-Edit-3-Edit2018 GBC DVD Visions-Edit-3-Edit

DVD: Wizard of Oz (2019)


2018 GBC DVD Visions2018 GBC DVD Visions

DVD: Visions of Sugar Plums (2018)


2018 GBC DVD Bonjour Paris2018 GBC DVD Bonjour Paris

DVD: Bonjour Paris! (2018)