Last updated January 31, 2020

Video Products for Round Rock Repertory


All video products are for personal use only. The music, choreography, and the video itself are copyrighted materials. By purchasing a video product from GRHook Photo, you agree that you will control access to the product(s) and refrain from posting or otherwise "sharing" any video, in its entirety or any portion thereof, publicly on any website or any social media platform. You are granted license to make backup copies for yourself.

Available Shows

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All DVDs from past shows are priced at $35 each (unless stated otherwise). USB flash drives of HD video are priced at $55 each. All state sales tax, shipping, and handling charges are included. Orders are shipped within 3 business days via the US Post Office.

DVD - RRR 2019 24 Hours-EditDVD - RRR 2019 24 Hours-Edit

DVD: The Nutcracker Ballet (2019)

DVD - RRR 2019 Written Matter-EditDVD - RRR 2019 Written Matter-Edit

DVD: 24 Hours (2019)

DVD - RRR 2019 Written MatterDVD - RRR 2019 Written Matter

DVD: Written Matter (2019)

DVD - RRR 2018 Musical LegendsDVD - RRR 2018 Musical Legends

DVD: Musical Legends (2018)

DVD - RRR 2017 Nutcracker+PassagesDVD - RRR 2017 Nutcracker+Passages

DVD: The Nutcracker (2017)

DVD - RRR 2017 Living ArtDVD - RRR 2017 Living Art

DVD: Living Art (2017)

DVD - RRR 2017 Of This EarthDVD - RRR 2017 Of This Earth

DVD: Of This Earth (2017)